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About the Journal

JFPSTT is a journal that publishes articles in the field of food and packaging, as well as related fields of science and technology.

The magazine has been published since 2012 in the form of a printed (ISSN 1314 7420) and On-line – Internet (1314-7773) edition.

The main areas that are emphasized in the publications in the magazine are:

Materials science, including raw materials for food production, packaging materials, construction materials for the production of equipment for the processing industry;

Food and packaging technology and equipment;

Technologies for the production of technological equipment, including machines and apparatus for the food, taste, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries;

Food storage and logistics in the supply chain;

Quality and safety of food, packaging and construction materials;

Hygienic design of technological equipment in the food industry;

The ecology and the role of the food and packaging industries in achieving sustainable development of the planet;

Industry 4 and intelligent production systems in the food industry

Economic and legal aspects in the field of food and packaging;